Go To Gemba Too Expensive?

One of the most powerful concepts in Six Sigma / Lean Manufacturing / Toyota System is also one of it’s simplest:  Go To Gemba. Whether you are a Six Sigma blackbelt or believe it is just the flavor of the month that consultants are peddling to naive management, I’m sure you can appreciate the practicality of going to gemba.

For the uninitiated gemba is a Japanese term that is translated as “real place” or “actual place.” Going to gemba is simply visiting the actual place where work is being done or a problem is occurring.

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Tree falls in forest

Very first post!  This blog is going to be focused on the challenges engineers face in their day-to-day work environments.  We’ll cover some simple tips on how to work smarter not harder, and occasionally talk about cool new products and technologies that can help with engineering workflow.